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Envision your space the way it can be. Imagine light flowing, and a sense of openness. Feel the balance of functionality and elegance. Spend time in a place of beauty.

At Leslie M. Stern Design, LTD, we specialize in inventive design, reflecting our knowledge of art and architectural style and our respect for livability.

Our creative process is a collaboration with you, recognizing your individual taste and accommodating the unique needs of everyone who will use your space.

Chicago interior design at its finest:

  • Full service residential design
  • Full service commercial design for all types of businesses
  • Health and well-being design for workplace and residential
  • Design solutions for the senior and disabled populations so they can "age in place"

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"The Confident Patient in a New World"

In this episode, we get some interior design tips from Leslie Stern, owner of Leslie M. Stern Design, to make a home 'barrier free' for all, whether you’re recovering from surgery, making adjustments for older adults, or accommodating a child with special needs.

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