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Does Your Open Office Space Concern You?

March 13, 2020

Open offices are a reality of the workplace. 8 out of 10 knowledge workers in open plan environments recognize benefits of increased collaboration, engagement and knowledge transfer. Not to mention, greater efficiency means they are here to stay. But for all their value open offices bring acoustical challenges that have a profound impact on the people who occupy them.

Some of the solutions involve

  1. Utilizing acoustical cloud ceilings
  2. Soft materials for flooring such as carpeting and vinyl planking
  3. Capturing sound with absorbent materials for workstation panels
  4. Tack able surfaces and dividers
  5. Providing small enclosed focus rooms for conferencing and collaboration

In conclusion, these solutions provide a flexible workspace, as well as a quieter environment for the employees and can improve the businesses’ bottom line.

open office design photo

Open floor-plan offices can be of concern - but there are measures that can help!