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Multi-generational Workplace Design

April 8, 2019

Recently I have been asked to provide interior designs for businesses that encompass four or more generations working under the same roof.

It can be challenging as each generation has diverse working styles. The older generation age 75-95, if they are lucky enough to be still working, are used to having enclosed private offices that increase the square footage with the ranking of the position of the employer.

The younger generation, generation Y, may expect to only have a cubicle and hope to have that space grow as they come up the ranks. The older generation is use to space and privacy as they have for the past 40 or so years where the younger generation has grown thru the development of computers, social media and the web and may feel they can work on the "go" in any space configuration.

Addressing these varied operational needs / attitudes of what makes a comfortable work environment into the same work environment is part of the challenge and should be considered.

Multi-generation office design photo

An example of a multi-generational interior design by Leslie M. Stern Design